Ashura Lura, Lura, That’s a Shi’ite Lullaby


A Scene from Our Liberated Iraqi Ally

Andrew G. Bostom is the author of The Legacy of Jihad (Prometheus, 2005) and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism " (Prometheus, November, 2008) You can contact Dr. Bostom at

6 responses to “Ashura Lura, Lura, That’s a Shi’ite Lullaby

  1. This religious celebration was repeated in Manhattan last week, minus the bloody display of reverence for their god – for now that is.

    The fact that apparently hundreds, possibly thousands attended a procession down some of Manhattan’s most storied streets should act as a warning of what lies ahead. It is clearly a matter of time, most likely sooner, rather than later, that the blood letting aspects of this observance will been seen here in America.

    It is beyond question that the barbarians are no longer at the gates, but within the city walls. Treason by our politicians has allowed the seeds of our own destruction to take root, and it is hard to see any way of preserving our nation any longer without a revolution.

    Just look to Europe to see how destructive the importation of millions of Moslems has been. It has actually resulted in the Islamification of many large areas of European soil. Yet, we still insist that all the benefits of their presence, which consists largely of us feeling good about ourselves, outweigh the tangible, visible real effects of their presence. One might say Europe is an anomaly, but Canada, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, the Balkans, Africa…everywhere they concentrate, the proof, paid for in inflicted suffering, and blood Is real.

    But we don’t believe it just yet. The talking heads with their smooth style and cheezy suits sporting degrees from Liberal universities stare down their glasses all tell us not to believe our own eyes, our experiences in matters that deal with diversity. Islam does not subscribe to being an equal part of the whole. It demands for and always achieves hegemony’ ironclad control. So we just sit idly by while our lands, the lands of the West are being colonized right before our eyes.

    This, is perhaps one of the greatest crimes against a people ever forced by elites in the history of modern civilization. The liberation of Islam in Iraq, or the Balkans, Europe, or here in America. The empty words which enable this can soon no longer be denied.

  2. It is a sad fact that muslim presence anywhere leads to discomfort of already established communities. Soon the established community will leave or is forced out by Jihad of mob violence, and yet another region becomes dar ul islam.

    We face cultural annihilation in a matter of decades, and it has happened because the political elites deliberately allowed Muslims to enter the UK in such large numbers. This does not concern Hindus or other faiths. Muslims though, are required by the tenets of their religion to dominate and destroy any other culture. If we did not know this, then the fault lies with us, and not Islam or Muslims. Voices such as Churchill, Bertrand Russell, JohnWesley, have warned us of the dangerous ideology of Islam. Now Muslim demographics alone from within, is sufficient to spell doom for the West. Muslims leaders will deny all this, but they have to, as Taqqiya in dealings with the Infidel is canonically sanctioned.

    I see catastrophe ahead for Britain and Europe. It is not too late to stop all Muslim immigration, and then reverse the tide in a slow and humane manner. It is the only humane policy available. If we do not do this, then sadly, I see a gruesome civil war in the UK and Europe, as in Bosnia, Kosovo, Kashmir, Thailand, Phillipines etc etc.

    Harsh as this is, it is the most humane way to progress. What frightens me is that we are moving towards a new world war that is quite unlike previous world wars. This world war will be a civil war ie a global civil war – the very worst type imaginable. Else we are looking forward to a Three Conjecture scenario leading to deaths on an unprecedented scale.

    I never in my life thought I would have to write this, but there it is.

  3.' Michael B. Schub

    Karbala, my Lord, Karbala. O Lord, Karbala!

    Come Mr. Taliban, tally me ba-na-na. Daylight
    come, and …

  4.' Michael B. Schub

    Glory be!! Nasralla is in reality Mr.

    Gut-Wrench. I only have eyes for you; clavicles

    of radicals, calling on the phone…can i take you

    out, Jo-o-o-on?

  5. It’s reversion to the norm. If there ever was a reversion. Turkey got the farthest, but Islam, as always rises to consume any secular thought and individual doubt. To believe Islam without doubt – that is so irrational. And Islam is so narrow, so depressing – there is no fun in Islam. All that money we spent, all those precious infidel lives lost, for what, this? I loathe Bush and his entire cabal.

  6.' Republican Patriot

    Actually, Anthony, the Muslims who “celebrated” this barbaric festival in NYC last week *did* flagellate themselves into disgusting, bloody messes. Why we permit them to remain in our country is utterly baffling.