My 6/3/21 discussion with WPRO’s Matt Allen on taking masks off Rhode Island schoolchildren and the ill-advised push to covid-19 vaccinate healthy ≤ 30 year olds given Hadassah Medical Center hard data that post-covid-19 mRNA vaccine myocarditis in 16-30 year old males was ≥ 5X the background rate

Twitter Thread “backgrounder” on discussion

1/ Dr. @andrewbostom w/@wpro’s #MattAllen 6/3/21 on taking masks off RI schoolchildren & ill-advised push to C19 vax healthy ≤30yos given Hadassah Med Ctr hard data that post-C19 mRNA vax myocarditis in 16-30yo males was ≥5x the background rate

2/ Fauci was dubious of mask efficacy in Feb 2020 & later informed of NULL RCT data (9 RCTs) on community masking on 3/31/20

3/ Myocarditis in 16-30yos post-mRNA C19 vax at Hadassah Md Ctr at least 5X background rate

4/ Penn State U students who are “C19 vax hesitant” have rational unaddressed concerns about short and long-term safety, and (pejoratively, in the eyes of the study investigators) appear to have “conservative political views”

5/ U of Iowa evidence-based, liberty protecting policies on masking and C19 vaccination

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