Why Covid-19 Vaccination is Unwarranted for Healthy Rhode Island Children: An Annotated Summary of the Data, 5/15/22 (downloadable pdf)

Link to pdf: Why C19 Vaccination is Unwarranted for Healthy RI Children_5.15.22

VIDEO: Katie Lied?* Biased Rhode Island Reporting on a Possible Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement for School Children (*apologies to Steely Dan)

Katie Davis’ transparent advocacy for mandatory covid-19 vaccination among Rhode Island school children is pathognomonic of what passes for mainstream Rhode Island media “balanced investigative reporting.” ** Our local Rhode Island WJAR-TV newsreader introduced a report (video embedded below) Thursday … Continue reading

Ergometer Modification for Combined Arm-Leg Use by Lower Extremity Amputees in Cardiovascular Testing and Training (from 1987)

Link to pdf of full paper: My 1987 paper on the AirDyne Modification for the Disabled Link to abstract. Bostom AG, Bates E, Mazzarella N, Block E, Adler J. Ergometer modification for combined arm-leg use by lower extremity amputees in … Continue reading

[VIDEO (& text)] Dr. Andrew Bostom testifying 4/5/22 before the Rhode Island House Committee on Health Services about pediatric covid-19 risk, vs. influenza risk, and the impact of masking

“When you start to deal with mentalities that say it is unethical to do randomized, controlled trials [of masking] in children yet it is ethical to just mask them up almost indefinitely, then we have a serious problem on our … Continue reading

Ashley Kalus’ Boston Globe Story on Her Golden Globes Title From June 7, 2001

Links to two page story: Ashley_Kalus_Full_p_1 Ashley_Kalus_full_p_2  

Brief Thoughts on Ukrainian President Zelensky’s March 16, 2022 Speech to the U.S. Congress

If the U.S. and NATO had taken seriously the Russian Communist and Chinese Communist military buildup, especially the Russian nuclear buildup, I’d say “yes”, absolutely, to a No-Fly-Zone. We did not, so NO, we are too weak and vulnerable to … Continue reading

Discovery Document From Dr. Skoly’s Case Demonstrating 1153 HCWs Working Unvaccinated in Rhode Island

Link to discovery document: 2d TRO Exh Z Cost Benefit analysis for Skoly

Link to RIDOH raw data on January, 2002 Rhode Island covid-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, stratified by both prior infection and vaccination (fully vaccinated; not fully vaccinated) status

Excel file data link: RIDOH data 1.22 RIDOH  email to Rep. Chippendale  introducing January, 2022 data: RIDOH Chippendale letter 2.15.22 for Jan 2022 data

Lifespan Rhode Island’s “Covid-19” ICD codes appear just a tad excessive for public health monitoring purposes (& maybe even for billing purposes)

Original link (Accessed 2/15/22): https://www.lifespan.org/sites/default/files/lifespan-files/documents/centers/infectious-diseases/Covid-19-Diagnosis-Codes-LifeChart_042220.pdf Permanent pdf link at this website (Uploaded 2/15/22): Lifespan_Covid-19-Diagnosis-Codes-LifeChart_042220 Screenshot

RIDOH’s Non-Responsive “Replies” At Oral Surgeon Dr. Skoly’s Administrative Hearing Documents How RIDOH Stubbornly Refuses To Provide Any Taxpayer-Funded Public Data Supporting “The Science” Behind Its Arbitrary Decision To Close His Practice

Res Ipsa Loquitur Document Downloadable PDF Link To Full Document From Administrative Proceeding: Skoly RIDOH not responsive to questions Screenshots of full document by pages 1-5, pasted below: