Ayaan Understands Islam’s For Prophet, Jew-Hating Jihad

“Then the apostle [Muhammad] went out to the market of Medina and dug trenches in it. Then he sent for them and struck off their heads in those trenches as they were brought out to him in batches” —The Life of … Continue reading

Imam Who Gave Congressional Invocation: “Deceitful” Jews, Per Koran, Are Apes and Pigs

“She [Aisha, Muhmmad’s youngest wife] called them brothers of apes and pigs—she didn’t call them the sons.” —Imam Omar Suleiman on the “appropriate” contemporary use of the Koranic epithet “apes and pigs” ** Controversy has erupted over Imam Omar Suleiman … Continue reading

Islamic Jew-Hatred: Dishonest Takiya From Qanta Ahmed and Mohamed Z. Jasser, Honest Mea Culpa From Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The unique, global pandemic of Muslim Jew-hatred will only begin to ebb, if at all, with honest reform of Islam’s vast, ugly corpus of canonical Jew-hatred—from the Koran, and the traditions—as currently still promulgated, in all its virulence, by Islamdom’s … Continue reading

[Updated] Philly “Fanatics”?—No, U.S. Muslim Children (And Adults) Are Taught “Classical” Islamic Jew-Hatred

“And, to tell you the truth, I based it on the classical sources, which are much harsher than what I wrote here.” —Dr. Abidullah al-Ansari Ghazi, creator of the IQRA Educational Foundation, which produced textbooks rife with Jew-hatred, and widely … Continue reading

Mr. Dershowitz, Jews as “Apes and Pigs” is a Koranic Epithet, Not “Nazi Dehumanization

“Oh brothers of apes and pigs! Fear me, fear me!” —Islam’s prophet Muhammad addressing the besieged Jews of the Banu Qurayza, using a Koranic epithet, before he subdued them and personally beheaded their surrendered adult males ** Tuesday evening (4/30/19), … Continue reading

The Concordance of Sharia “Thirst”, Rampant Christian Persecution, and Jew-Hatred in Muslim Societies

“Sharia is a way of life that suits our culture. Egyptian customs and traditions go in line with Sharia. The Egyptian society does not accept Western liberalism”…“People are thirsty for Sharia.” —Vox populi expressions of Egyptians from December, 2012 representing … Continue reading

Why Mark Levin Must Give Voice To Informed Jewish Analysts Of Muslim Antisemitism

Indonesian Muslim protesters display posters of Jews as apes (a Koranic epithet for Jews: 2:65; 5:60; 7:166), accompanied by “May Allah curse the Jews,” in Jakarta, Indonesia, Friday, Jan. 2, 2009. More than 10,000 Muslims marched through Indonesia’s capital (AP … Continue reading

Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s “Passover Message”: Jews As “Champions Of Liberty”

Donald Trump has joined Ronald Reagan as America’s two most anti-Communist Presidents after Herbert Hoover. Mr. Trump is also emerging, arguably, as the most pro-Israel, philosemitic President in U.S. history given his abandonment of the disastrous Iranian nuke “deal”, re-location … Continue reading

Two Elegant Real-Time Defenses of Sen. Joseph McCarthy By Informed 1950s Conservatives and Libertarians

A number of conservatives and libertarians (some of whom were also ex-Communists, or ex-fellow travelers) proffered compelling defenses of Senator McCarthy during the early to mid-1950s. These incisive contemporaneous rebuttals of anti-McCarthy smears have been effectively relegated to non-existence by … Continue reading

Does Ilhan Omar Believe “Zionists/Jews” Are Responsible For 9/11…Like Al-Azhar’s Then U.S. Representative, Sheikh Gamei’a, Did?

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s now infamous speech at a Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) event March 23, 2019, was ostensibly about “justice” in Islam. Indeed Ms. Omar, acknowledging that although she wasn’t a hafiz (i.e., an extremely devout Muslim … Continue reading