Brief comments to The Children’s Health Defense, 9/15/22, on “The three biggest threats to children’s health in New England”

Before I outline the “three biggest threats to children’s health in New England,” I believe there is a demonstrable Red thread* that binds them, namely the 100-year plus relentless march of Marxism/Communism through our school system (I hope this doesn’t upset anyone as “Red Baiting,” but if it does I simply refer them to the opening chapter of Eugene Lyon’s 1941, “The Red Decade,” entitled, “In Defense of Red-Baiting”). Read the personal accounts of ex-Communist Bella Dodd from her early 1950s Congressional testimony on the Communist influence on pedagogy, especially in the NYC school system, or ex-Communist Herbert Romerstein’s 1962 monograph, “Communism and your child,” and/or, most importantly, the late Charlotte Iserbyt’s ~740pp opus, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” published in 1999.

Iserbyt referenced (& translated excerpts from the French original of) Pascal Bernardin’s 1995, “Machiavellian Pedagogy or the Ministry of Psychological Reform,” highlighting UNESCO’s role in the transformation of education worldwide, “from a system based on academic instruction to one in which the purpose is nothing but conditioning.” The book discussed, “brainwashing techniques such as cognitive dissonance and the group process, and is highly critical of the role played by American and European behavioral psychologists in the transformation of the world’s schools from places of learning to mental health clinics for brainwashing.” Here is Bernadin’s thesis in brief:

“A study of the documents leaves no doubt, under cover of ethics and behind a rhetoric and remarkable dialectic, of a communist ideology for which only the presentation and the means of action have been modified….Also it is no surprise that the level of scholarship will continue to go down since the role of the school has been redefined so that its principal mission is no longer intellectual but social formation…One no longer gives students intellectual tools for liberation but imposes on them values, attitudes, and behavior using psychological manipulation techniques.”

This hideous and subversive ideological indoctrination has spawned what I see as the “3 biggest threats to children’s health in New England,” namely: (1) the teaching, or really the “practical application” of Marxist critical race theory designed to fuel racial hatred and shame amongst children; (2) the transgender, or more aptly the transmogrification (given its grotesque outcomes) movement, which fosters in vulnerable children a dangerous state of sexual confusion whose only so-called “remedy” is either chemical, and/or surgical mutilation, accompanied by lasting psychological and physical trauma, and premature disease typically associated with aging (i.e., sterility, osteoporosis, heart disease, as examples); and (3) what I fear will be the lasting impact of covid-19 Lysenkoist pseudo-science and authoritarianism (using the Communist Chinese “zero covid” template), which begot lockdowns and school closures, the latter only “lifted” only when teacher’s unions grudgingly acquiesced but demanded, and were granted, in return, mass covid-19 testing and quarantine protocols, mask mandates, and pressured, if not fully mandated mass covid-19 vaccination,  all imposed in a climate of manufactured terror.

*“Running like a red thread through Communist teachings from the very inception of the movement is the note of total hostility to our form of government.”— from The Communist Party Of The United States Of America: What It Is. How It Works. A Handbook For Americans,” at a hearing by the Subcommittee To Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, December 21, 1955, P. 16.


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