Dr. McDonald Deposed, II: “Disagrees” with peer reviewed data he admits he hadn’t read, debunking his claim children were “key drivers, & “vectors” of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Continuation of 7/7/22 deposition. See earlier post, here.

(Piccirilli): “Do you have any evidence that in the last two years of this pandemic that children are key drivers of the pandemic?”

(McDonald): “Yes.” [note: but provides none]

(Piccirilli): “Are you aware of The Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal  (PIDJ)?”

(McDonald): “Yes.”

(Piccirilli): “Are you aware that in April of 2022 they [PIDJ] published a study [note; actually a review; full pdf here: The_Role_of_Children_and_Young_People_in_the.29], “The Role of Children and Young People in the Transmission of SARS-CoV-2”?

(McDonald): “I am not aware of the study.”

(Piccirilli): “Are you aware that in that study [review] they concluded, quote, there is no convincing evidence to date, two years into the pandemic, that children are key drivers of the pandemic.”? That would seem to directly contradict what you just said, Doctor.”

 (McDonald): “Well I don’t agree with that assessment.”

(Piccirilli): “Maybe you should go back and take a look at it before you start accusing children of being ‘vectors,’ that need to be ‘corralled’”?

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