My Certified Rhode Island Superior Court Testimony in Southwell v. McKee on Randomized, Controlled Trial Disproven Community Masking for Respiratory Virus Infection, the Overwhelmingly Mild Nature of Covid-19 in Children, and the Absence of “Dangerous Hospital Over-Utilization” During the “Delta Wave”

Certified Expert Witness Testimony: Slides Merged

Dr. Andrew Bostom CV as certified expert witness: AB__CV_10.21

Dr. Bostom clinical trial in Circulation: FAVORIT 2011

Dr. Bostom grant award announcement: Brown FAVORIT award announcement short version

Dr. Bostom study of rtPCR cycle threshold data from Rhode Island Department of Health testing during the first SARS-CoV-2 wave Bostom Kenyon Eaton_Covid-19 positive test cycle threshold trends predict covid-19 mortality in Rhode

CV of Dr. James McDonald, defense/RIDOH expert witness

McDonald CV 


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