Jihad Denial 14-Years After 9/11: My Sam Sorbo Interview on the Iran Nuke Deal and the Existential Peril Jihad Denial Has Fostered

A review of my blogs posted 9/11/14 and 9/11/13, juxtaposed to the shocking bipartisan capitulation on the Iranian nuclear negotiations fiasco, underscores a tragic depressing, reality: 14 years of abject jihad denial, punctuated by the morally bereft, bipartisan failure of U.S. political leadership, “complemented” by a cadre of equally culpable military leaders whose utterly failed legacy is punctuated by the reprehensible, see-no-jihad/Islam, post-modern human sacrifice COIN doctrine inflicted upon our brave U.S. troops.

Yesterday (Thursday, 9/10/15), Sam Sorbo kindly interviewed me about the sorry spectacle the day before (Wednesday, 9/9/15) of a belated, well-nigh meaningless street theater protest of the self-destructive Iranian nuclear deal on the White House lawn. Reiterating views I have been articulating at length (including a 349 pp. book on the subject) since the ethically bankrupt, and strategically disastrous “P5 + 1” negotiations framework was made fully known in November, 2013, these critical points were emphasized:

  • The tiresome conservative mantra of “regime change” in Iran as a delusive fantasy, which endangers the U.S., and Israel by delaying, indeed effectively shutting down, the only solution, i.e., military destruction of (at least) Iran’s known nuclear infrastructure
  • The jihad-denialist argument, bellowed constantly, as a “central/centrist” example, by the likes of Fox News talk show host Bill (Ted Baxter) O’Reilly, that such targeted military strikes somehow “start a war with Iran,” when Iran, per its own jihadist Constitution, countless pronouncements, and documented murderous attacks on American troops and civilians, has been in a continuous jihad war with the U.S. since the retrograde Khomeini “revolution” restored the Safavid-Qajar era (1501-1925) Shiite Iranian theocracy in 1979.
  • Succinctly deconstructing the warped conservative promulgated “understanding” of what the summer of 2009, and the Soylent Green Movement, and its religious and political leaders, actually represented, in complete harmony with the 83% support for liberty-crushing Sharia totalitarianism, and 76% support for the current nuclear deal by the Shiite Iranian masses (U.S. public support for the Iranian nuclear agreement, in stark contrast is now down to 21%)

Please listen to the interview embedded, below:

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