Kudos to Dana Loesch and The Blaze For Showing Bosch Fawstin’s Thoughtful, Free-Speech Championing Muhammad Cartoon on Air


Bosch Fawstin’s thoughtful, free speech-championing cartoon was shown per accompanying time signature on the captured image, above. I have described the Garland, TX anti-Sharia blasphemy law exhibit, the jihad against it, and the scurrilous, craven attacks on conference organizer Pamela Geller in my two previous blogs (here; here).

Subsequent excerpts from cartoon artist Bosch Fawstin’s candid, enlightening interview, are linked below. Fawstin is an extraordinarily courageous ex-Muslim freethinking “apostate” (a bizarre designation from a modern Western, freedom of conscience-enshrining perspective!) of Albanian descent.

Watch extract here.

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