Discussion: Corker Bill on Iran Nuke Deal Abdicates Congressional Responsibility, Capitulates to “Warmongering” Calumny

Yesterday (Thursday 4/16/15) I discussed my Wednesday 4/15 blog on the Corker “compromise”—in reality a full capitulation to the Obama Administration’s dangerous Iran negotiations—with Steve Malzberg. The interview is embedded, below.

Having actually read the bill, its central point of submission to the misbegotten negotiations is made clear on p. 32: explicitly conceding the fact that the deal will be completed and implemented without Congressional Advice and Consent. I concluded in my blog, reiterating those conclusions in the Malzberg interview, that this abdication of Constitutional oversight was in large measure a craven reaction to being labeled a “warmonger” for opposing the bad Iran deal—despite the fact that the cynical warmongering calumny ignores Iran’s 36-year ongoing jihad war against the U.S., and the only rational option for eliminating the looming Iranian nuclear weapons threat, i.e., a tactical military strike which destroys Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) commented wistfully that although the bill “created” the role of post-hoc “congressional review,” it remained “a long way from advice and consent” for an agreement which “rises to the level of a treaty.” But Iran—a self-proclaimed jihadist state with global hegemonic aspirations—remains in an open-ended, “fierce” jihad war with the U.S. “at all levels,” as one “moderate” Iranian adviser to former moderate Iranian President Khatami recently explained. Notwithstanding Sen. Johnson’s rueful acknowledgment, Senate Republicans have shirked their Constitutional, and moral responsibility, rather than confront the implications of Iran’s religiously-inspired bellicosity. With the exception of a gimlet-eyed young Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)—who speaks candidly about tactical destruction of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, which is the only rational way to thwart Iran’s relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons capability—Senate Republicans have cravenly acquiesced to cynical, perverse Obama Administration bullying so as not to be labeled “warmongers.”

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