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The Dangerous, Mindslaughtered Fraudulence of Joy Brighton’s “Sharia-ism”

Robert Conquest, the preeminent historian of Soviet Communism’s genocidal depredations, characterized the “mental aberration” of all varieties of Western apologists for Communism, as “mindslaughter.” The term mindslaughter is an apposite description of what activist Joy Brighton is currently promoting (see … Continue reading

Hedegaard Reflects on Danish Resistance to Nazi Totalitarianism & Acquiescence to Totalitarian Islam

                  Lars Hedegaard, the intrepid Danish historian and journalist, who was nearly assassinated last year by a jihadist (who was just recently apprehended), gave an impassioned speech yesterday (5/4/14), commemorating Denmark’s Day … Continue reading

Pakistani Muslims Protest at 3rd Anniversary of Bin Laden killing; 63% Opposed Killing & 70% See US as Enemy

In April and May of 2011 (as summarized in USA Today), the Pew Center’s Global Attitudes Project conducted polls among 1,970 and then 1,251 Pakistanis, sampling areas that represented 85% of the country’s population. Here are the salient findings: 63 … Continue reading

Nora Jones Covers Neil Young’s “Tell Me Why,” and The Grateful Dead’s “It Must Have Been The Roses”