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COIN’s Ultimate See-No-Jihad Failure in “Af-Pak”

David Petraeus, aka Dawoud of Ghazni, Post-Modern Strategic Genius A 5/9/12 report by MEMRI highlights the ultimate failure of our “Af-Pak policy.” The delusional, See-No-Jihad post-modern COIN “strategy” of Petraeus and McChrystal, has culminated, inexorably, with faux “reconciliation,” i.e., capitulation … Continue reading

Teaching Muslim Children Jihad and Jew-Hatred in Toronto

The living, ignoble tradition of teaching jihad and Islamic Jew-hatred to Muslim children Cross-posted at Pajamas Media *** A complaint filed by Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center has prompted an investigation of the East End Madrassah, an Islamic school … Continue reading

U.S. State Department Witnessed 1974 Birth of Eurabia

Serendipitously, perhaps, in the midst of Geert Wilders’ visit to the U.S., warning of the consequences of Europe’s ongoing Islamization, today I came across a State Department memo from the U.S. embassy in Madrid, dated September 19, 1974 (1974 Madrid … Continue reading

Our Vast Energy Reserves, Obama Notwithstanding

Mr. Obama repeatedly insists that the United States has “2% of the world’s oil reserves, but uses 20% of the world’s oil supply.” This is an ignorant, and/or deliberately mendacious claim. From a primer (hat tip Janet Levy) by the … Continue reading

Wilders: “Many people unfortunately are blind to the true nature of Islam.”

I was privileged to attend a luncheon Monday, 4/30/12, in Manhattan, marking the release of Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders’ “Marked for Death.” This courageous, profoundly important book was assessed at length in an excellent formal review by Jerry Gordon, and … Continue reading