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Rallying to Support the NYPD…And A National Holiday for Muhammad?

The “anti-terror” imam who wants Muhammad’s birthday to be a national holiday in America. Yesterday, Monday, March 5, 2012 a small, but  much ballyhooed rally and press conference touted as the first event of its kind held by Muslims in … Continue reading

Sharia Vs. Freedom, Circa 1876: An American Diplomat’s Clear Perspective

In 1876, U.S. consul to Turkey Horace Maynard (above) understood—and articulated—the irreconcilability between Islam’s Sharia despotism, and Christian aspirations for “ earlier and superior title to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” *** Horace Maynard (1814-1882) was a trained … Continue reading

Proper “Apologizing” to Islamdom: A Timeless Lesson for US Leadership

(Or, How to Pray with a Muslim Prime Minister) The West is desperately in need of the wisdom and courage of diplomats such as Layard (above), and his colleagues. There is almost nothing I can add to my colleague Diana … Continue reading

Judge Martin, Sharia, and Islamic Kadi “Justice”

Judge Mark Martin—now infamous for presiding over the “Zombie Muhammad” case—was incorrectly identified by me as a self-professed Muslim, based upon a faulty audio recording of the court proceedings (see blogs here and here by Andrew C. McCarthy for the … Continue reading