Wael Ghonim Deserves the Spring Time for Sharia in Araby Award

Sweet Cairo-line, Sharia Times Never Look Good

Wael Ghonim, Google’s head of marketing for the Middle East and North Africa was presented Monday 5/23/11  with one of the 2011 “Profiles in Courage” awards  by the John F. Kennedy Library. Ghonim was honored for his purported role in sparking the Egyptian uprising via the use of social media, which forced President Mubarak to resign.

The award is entirely consistent with the Kennedy Library’s delusive mindslaughter.

First, consider the bleak assessment of the “fruits” of Egypt’s “revolution” by the much ballyhooed (albeit virulently anti-American and anti-Israeli) “political face” of the Egyptian democracy movement,  Mohammed El-Baradei, past director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and potential candidate for Egypt’s presidency. During a recent CNN interview, El-Baradei lamented all of the following:

Right now, socially, we are disintegrating. Economically we are not in the best state. Politically it’s like a black hole. We do not know where we are heading. What kind of state or regime we are going to have? Is it a presidential system? Is it a parliamentary system? When are we going to have a new constitution?

Also, El-Baradei, despite earlier touting his own affinities for the Muslim Brotherhood, now expresses alarm over the influence of this broadly popular, mainstream Islamic fundamentalist organization which has had longer to organize than other nascent Egyptian political group alternatives.

But the Kennedy Library “Profiles in Courage” award recipient Wael Ghonim apparently has no such regrets about the ascension of the Muslim Brotherhood. Despite being barred from the stage at Tahrir Square on February 18th during Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Guide Yusuf al-Qaradawi’s triumphant return, and sermon, Ghonim tweeted,

I loved Sheikh Qaradawi Khutbah today. Was truly inspired when he said: “Today I’m going to address both Muslims and Christians.”

Ghonim, the Kennedy Library’s icon of “secular freedom” offered no objection  when his beloved Qaradawi  issued a clarion call for the jihad re-conquest of Al-Aqsa mosque, i.e., Jerusalem.

A message to our brothers in Palestine: I have hope that Almighty Allah, as I have been pleased with the victory in Egypt, that He will also please me with the conquest of the al-Aqsa Mosque, to prepare the way for me to preach in the al-Aqsa Mosque. May Allah prepare the way for us to (preach) in the al-Aqsa Mosque in safety-not in fear, not in haste. May Allah achieve this clear conquest for us. O sons of Palestine, I am confident that you will be victorious.

Qaradawi’s pronouncement was met with thunderous applause by the Muslim masses in Tahrir Square–perhaps even by Ghonim himself?

Ghonim only reinforced his disturbing lack of concern about, if not outright support for the totalitarian, Sharia-based agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood when interviewed by a fawning NPR reporter on the occasion of his  “Profiles in Courage” award. Ghonim states plainly,

I have met a lot of the people planning to run for Parliament. Some of them are from the Muslim Brotherhood movement. It seems to me that ALL are sharing the same dream.

Subsequently the NPR reporter asks two important related questions. Ghonim’s responses clarify in alarming ways his tacit acceptance of, and perhaps even active support for an Egypt openly aligned with Iran and Hamas, and run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Interviewer: Do you worry that…the Muslim Brotherhood which is very well organized and had a big role in the September elections that are paving the way for the Parliamentary elections…Do you worry  the Muslim Brotherhood…will co-opt your revolution?

Ghonim: Whomever comes in power based on a democratic process should be empowered and lead the country. I disagree with those who want to get people scared of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Interviewer: What would you say to Westerners who might be concerned about the direction Egypt is going in…some leaders looking to normalize relations with Iran, relaxing blockage of the Gaza strip, brokering a deal with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, and then I mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood. What would you say to those concerned that a new Egypt might be moving away from the West?

Ghonim: I don’t like this attitude of Fatherhood, where the West needs to be happy with what happens in Egypt.

I propose Wael Ghonim receive, alternatively,  the Spring Time for Sharia in Araby 2011 Award.



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