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Majority of our Pakistani Allies Grieve for Bin Laden, and Plurality See Him as a Martyr for Jihad

The Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International, “Gallup Pakistan,” and the Gilani Foundation polled a representative sample of 2,530 men and women in the rural and urban areas comprising a cross-section of various education, income, age and linguistic backgrounds. The majority … Continue reading

Only The Good Die Young: 92 Year-Old Palestinian Arab Woman Who Witnessed the 1929 Hebron Anti-Jewish Pogrom, Urges Another Larger One

A mourner in the aftermath of the 1929 Hebron pogrom. MEMRI has excerpted a pathognomonic interview of a 92-year-old Palestinian Arab woman who witnessed the murderous1929 anti-Jewish ethnic cleansing pogrom in Hebron. She openly celebrates the slaughter of the Jews … Continue reading

Miami Taliban Imam’s Son: Damning Wiretaps “A Misinterpretation of Language”

Ikram Irked by Unclean Infidel’s Charges—The Unindicted Taliban Imam’s Son Doth Protest According to the US District Court of Southern Florida indictment of imam Hafiz Muhammad Sher Ali Khan Law enforcement agents recorded a series of phone calls in 2009 … Continue reading

CAIR’s Nezar Hanze “(Very) Shocked, (Very) Shocked” At Arrest of Miami Taliban Imam & Sons

              CAIR’s Nezar Hanze does his real life Claude Rains impersonation. The American Hamas, i.e., the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) South Florida Chapter Executive Director, Nezar Hanze, claimed to be “very shocked…very … Continue reading

Florida Imam And Sons Arrested for Helping Finance the Taliban (Updated)

                  Ikram Khan, 40, an unindicted son of the Imam that was arrested after prayer service at the Mosque. The indictment can be read here, and features charges against the “spiritual” leader … Continue reading

Victory By Killing the Jihadist Enemies, Not Drinking Tea With Them! (Updated)

BRAVE FIGHTING MARINE AWARDED NAVY CROSS FOR SLAYING JIHADIST ENEMIES IN AFGHANISTAN             ARLINGTON, Va.-Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus presents the Navy Cross to Gunnery Sgt. Brian M. Blonder during a ceremony at the … Continue reading

Please support Troopathon IV

Please support Troopathon IV Over the next several weeks, until the June 23rd deadline, when the 8 hour Troopathon show begins, a number of blogs will battle it out – competing to see who can raise the most sponsorships for … Continue reading

Ecumenical Editing of the Navy’s Muslim Sea Burial Prayer Service

Osama Bin Laden’s putative sea burial ceremony aboard the USS Carl Vinson was performed “in strict conformance with Islamic precepts and practices” according to repeated assertions by chief counterterrorism adviser John Brennan. Indeed, there is more than ample reason to … Continue reading

Steve Malzberg Show Interview (5/9/11) on the Bin Laden Burial Ceremony

My interview with WOR’s Steve Malzberg on the Naval burial of Bin Laden can be heard by clicking here and then proceeding to the link “Steve Malzberg  Show May 9, 2011 Hour 2,” from  0:35-15:00.

Western Freedom, James Freeman Clarke, and the Bin Laden Burial

James Freeman Clarke (1810-1888) was an American theologian, philosopher, author, and abolitionist. He also became one of the first American scholars to study and write about Eastern religions, including, notably, Islam. The extracts, below from Freeman Clarke’s “Ten Great Religions,” … Continue reading