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Ibn Warraq and Obama’s Ramadan Obeisance to Totalitarian Islam

Ibn Warraq Defends the Western Values Barrack Obama Defiles With His Obeisance to Totalitarian Islam Obama’s Ramadan obeisance to the avatars of totalitarian Islam (i.e., the various Muslim Brotherhood fronts well represented in the White House, as Frank Gaffney aptly … Continue reading

Imam Feisal Rauf and Real Sharia in America: Will Rauf Denounce These “Fatwas” by The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America?

Imam Feisal Rauf, and (below him)  Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America cleric Katem Al-Hajj: Mama Mia “which” Sharia? Or is there a dinar’s worth of difference (a dinar being equivalent, apropos to the two clerics, to ten asses)?? Feisal … Continue reading

German Mosque Appeasement Lessons for Ground Zero

Ian Johnson is the author of the recent—and very timely—book, “A Mosque in Munich,” about a cadre of ex-Soviet Muslims who created a jihadist beachhead in Germany. Following the closure of Hamburg’s “Al Quds” mosque which spawned Muhammad Atta, only … Continue reading

(UPDATED) NYC’s Insane Capitulation to Islam, Circa 1955—Past as Prologue?

Past as Prologue, 55 years ago?—Elegant statue of Muhammad “quietly” removed from the roof of the Appellate Division Courthouse on Madison Square, New York City in 1955, when seven feckless appellate judges, “encouraged” by the US State Department, needlessly submitted to … Continue reading

John Locke, Islamic Supremacism, and the Ground Zero Mosque

Apropos to very legitimate concerns about the proposed Ground Zero Mosque—which today (8/3/10), unfortunately cleared a zoning hurdle, celebrated by the witless Mayor Bloomberg—John Locke, 325 years ago, discussed the predicament of Islamic supremacism in his first of four letters … Continue reading