A Jihadist Anthem “Sing Along” From Lahore, Pakistan


Singing along with Mitch…


…is not exactly like singing along with (Hafiz) Muhammad (Saeed), in full henna mode


MEMRI reports on an August 14, 2008 Lahore, Pakistan conference celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day. To open the conference by the jihadist group Jamatud Dawa—the new name of Lashkar-e-Taiba–attendees were led in a rendition of the following song by a duo of Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed (the group’s leader) and Hafiz Abdur Rauf, which the organizers described as the “jihadi tarana (anthem).”


And this anthem is fully consistent with orthodox Islamic theology/ jurisprudence on jihad.



“Jihad will continue till the Day of Judgement; jihad will never stop.

(Jihad jari rahega ta qayamat
Jihad hargiz naheen rukega)

It has forced oppressor’s head to bow; it will end oppression and torture.

(Is se zalim ka sar jhuka hai
Is se zulm-o-sitam mitega)

Jihad is the order of Allah; jihad is the path of the Prophet.

(Jihad farman hai Khuda ka
Jihad rasta hai Mustafa ka)

Jihad is the assurance of loyalty; every true Muslim will be loyal.

(Jihad paiman hai wafa ka
Her ek momin wafa karega)

Jihad is mentioned in the Koran; jihad is the eternity of faith.

(Jihad Qur’an mein likha hai
Jihad Eiman ki baqaa hai)

This is the Will [of God], this is [His] happiness; no one can change it.

(Yahi masheeat, yahi raza hai
Jise na koi badal saekga)

Only Jihad has always cut the head of evil from the earth

(Zameen se fitno ka sar hamesha
Jihad hi se qalam huwa hai)

If jihad has the power in it; mischief will have no substance.

(Rahega dam kham jihad mein to
Fasad mein dam naheen rahega)

Jihad alone gives voice; respect comes to the helpless.

(Jihad hi se zaban milti
Hai aan milti hai bekason ko)

Jihad will make the gods of falsehood naked.

(Jihad jhooti khudaion ko
Ulat kar be abroo karega)

Avoidance of jihad has given birth to subjugation.

(Jihad se ijtniab hi ne
Ghulamion ko janam diya hai)

Enemies of Jihad will be dishonoured; they will sink into an unending abyss.

(Jihad dushman zaleel hoker
Athaah pasti mein ja girega)

Jihad is the protection of the Ummah; jihad is the symbol of self-respect.

(Jihad millat ki pasbani
Jihad ghairat ki hai nishani)

Jihad is a Revealed gift; only the lucky ones will get it.

(Jihad tuhfa hai aasmani
Naseeb walon ko hi milega)

Jihad destroys terror; jihad brings good news.

(Jihad dehshat mitane walaa
Jihad muzde sunane walaa)

Jihad teaches how to live; only those will live who learn to die.

(Jihad jeena sikhane walaa
Jo marna seekhega wo jiyegaa)

Jihad is the state of ecstasy; jihad is the army of the brave.

(Jihad alam hai bekhudi ka
Jihad Lashkar bahaduri ka)

Jihad is the flag of truth; Never has it bowed, nor will it bow.

(Jihad parcham hai rasti ka
Kabhi jhuka, na kabhi jhukega)

Jihad is the kingdom of faith; jihad is the depth of emotions.

(Jihad eiman ki hai shahi
Jihad jazbon ki hai bepanahi)

Jihad is the destruction of heretics; those who fight against it will die.

(Jihad alhad ki tabahi
Ise mitayega jo mitega)

Jihad is to stand for truth; not go back once you have taken the step.

(Jihad Afazan haq per hai datna
Qadam barhaker ne peechhe hanta)

Jihad is the Eagle’s attack; falsehood will be victim.

(Jihad shaheen ka jhapatna
Shikar batil bana rahega)”


Andrew G. Bostom is the author of The Legacy of Jihad (Prometheus, 2005) and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism " (Prometheus, November, 2008) You can contact Dr. Bostom at @andrewbostom.org

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  1. Ah yes, Hafiz Saeed, leader of LeT and JaD, very closely related to two former and one current Massachusetts imam. His brother Hamid Mahmud was imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Worcester, but Hamid left the US in June 2007 in a big fat hurry. Brother Muhammed Masood, former imam at the Islamic Center of New England in Sharon, made a plea agreement on charges of making false statements (repeatedly lying) to federal agents. Masood is due to be deported pretty soon. Hafiz Saeed’s brother-in-law is still imam at the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell. What a curious coincidence that three of Saeed’s close relatives ended up in Massachusetts! Small world, innit?

  2. On the case Miss Kelly! Thanks !!