“Give Us Money or We’ll Call You an Islamophobe”

Taking a page from William Tecumseh Sherman, who stated,

“Courage — a perfect sensibility of the measure of danger, and a mental willingness to endure it.”




Congressman Brad (William Tecumseh) Sherman on the Scourge of Being Labeled “Islamophobic”



Congressman Brad Sherman has been justly applauded by the intrepid Steve Emerson for his intellectual courage. Sherman made this blistering attack on the jihad abetting Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) after it calumniated him over recent hearings on the unsavory ties of organizations like MPAC:



I think one of the greatest fears of people in the United States is somebody may call you a racist…they may call you an Islamophobe…And what we’ve seen with some of these organizations is their message is clear: ‘Give us money or we’ll call you an Islamophobe’…that’s what they say to the State Department. What they say to us in Congress is ‘Don’t question the fact that we’re getting money or we’ll call you an Islamophobe.’

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