Understanding Fitna

The brave and perspicacious Robert (“Darth”) Spencer has two superb “exegeses” of Geert Wilder’s film Fitna which you should read in their entirety, at Pajamas Media, and Human Events.


Fitna itself can also be viewed (again and again) at Google Video.

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3 responses to “Understanding Fitna

  1. Despite some quibbles (such as points Spencer made), I liked Fitna, but I’m not even a Muslim and the first thing I thought of when I saw the film entitled “Fitna,” with its images of actual “fitna,” was the fitna verse Qur’an 8:73, which specifically mentions “fitna,” and that it’s the result of when Muslims don’t collectively unite against the alliance of disbelievers. So I can’t help but wonder if Muslims seeing this film might think, there sure is a lot of “fitna,” we really need to unite to defeat it! In other words, does the film actually produce the opposite of its intended effect, does it prompt more concerted efforts against unbelievers rather than prompt Muslims to reevaluate their faith and the Qur’an.

  2. It is an inconvenient fact of life that when you fight back against an aggressor, it will usually piss them off and often inspire them to fight harder.

    Which is how abusive people manage to lord it over the people around them. Their slogan is “To resist me is to suffer”.

    But you’d be shocked at how often a bully will fold in the face of determined resistance.

    Everything the rest of the world does to combat mohammedan conquest is going to piss off the mohammedan aggressors. That’s just how it is.

    People who are civilized enough to engage in introspection and self criticism are going to do so with or without the rest of the world kissing up to them.

    People who aren’t, won’t, regardless of how obsequiously they are treated, as they have often and amply demonstrated.

    Few people enjoy being hated, but life is such that sometimes it just can’t be avoided. Just be grateful for the civility, respect and affection afforded you by the better people of the world — and accept the fact that being unjustly hated sometimes is part of life. It has happened so often to so many. We all get a turn sooner or later.


    There’s a tough fight ahead with a brutal and persistent enemy.

    Just remember, in any fight, the more commited side tends to win.

  3. I did a little commentary on the counter-movie ‘Schism’. Interestingly, if you follow the details, it shows why Christianity is a religion of peace and Islam isn’t. Looks like the editor didn’t quite analyze the pieces he quotes:


    Enjoy 🙂