Major Coughlin will now be retained by the DOD, and the Rest of Congresswoman Sue Myrick’s Statement on the Coughlin Affair, 2/5/08


Rep. Sue Myrick R-NC

I received this press release by North Carolina Congresswoman Sue Myrick, (included below, in its entirety) from Fred Lucas of Cybercast News Service 

The Congresswoman has been investigating the reported firing (see here, here, here) of Major Stephen Coughlin (USAR) by the Department of Defense (DOD) Joint Staff. 

First and foremost, Rep. Myrick confirms that Major Coughlin will now be retained by the DOD, and “…associated with another office program within the Office of the Secretary of Defense where he will continue to spread his message.” 

The Congresswoman, one of the handful of stalwart individuals on jihadism in either  the House or Senate, also highlights in her statement, the seriousness of what she terms, “…the nature of the radical Islamist enemy that we face today and how they are seeking to infiltrate all elements of our society.” 

Rep. Myrick further lavishes deserving praise upon Major Coughlin’s thesis, “Major Coughlin’s thesis must be read by everyone responsible for ensuring the safety of America,” for which we now learn he has been retained, and arguably even promoted, within the DOD. 

But Congresswoman Myrick’s statement also evidences a curious if not disturbing cognitive dissonance about her expressed concern over jihadist “infiltration,” when it comes to Hesham Islam. Specifically, the Congresswoman:  

·       without adducing any hard evidence to contradict Bill Gertz’s steadfast, repeated allegations blithely dismisses Hesham Islam’s putative role in Coughlin’s reported travails, including the failure to renew Coughlin’s original contract, i.e., his reported firing 

·       ignores the ensuing investigative report by Claudia Rosett about Mr. Islam’s (apparently tendentious) biography originally described by the DOD (and then removed from the DOD website) 

·       ignores Mr. Islam’s role in “outreach” to jihadist sympathizers/potential abettors, including facilitating meetings with such persons within DOD, as reported by Steve Emerson 

·       and ignores Mr. Islam’s  intellectually shoddy, unhinged 1992 thesis which epitomizes the bigoted and paranoid jihadist tendency to frame any efforts to counter jihad encroachments in the Middle East, in particular, as the machinations of a nefarious Jewish cabal 

Sadly, Rep. Myrick apparently chooses to ignore a man who seems to embody the very process of “infiltration” about which she claims to be so concerned. 

Below is her full statement: 

The War at Home: When will we open our eyes?

By US Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-9) 

Several weeks ago, there were reports that Major Stephen Coughlin was being dismissed from the Department of Defense Joint Staff for unjust reasons.   It was said that Hesham Islam, an aide to Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England, reviewed Major Coughlin’s important thesis and found it too hard on Islam.  He reportedly used his influence to push Coughlin out.   

These reports were disturbing.  In recent years, I have investigated every source available to me regarding the nature of the radical Islamist enemy that we face today and how they are seeking to infiltrate all elements of our society.   Infiltration in America is a very serious and important issue.  We cannot take it lightly, and we must get our facts correct.  That is why I did not accept opinions and rumors as truth.   

I decided to vet this matter personally.   I met with Members of the House and Senate, Pentagon officials, and even Major Coughlin himself. Major Coughlin told me that he has had a great working relationship with the Joint Staff and that he did not believe there was any conspiracy to remove him from his position.  In fact, he was already planning to leave the Joint Staff at the end of his contract.  Lest the rumors persist, Major Coughlin will be associated with another office program within the Office of the Secretary of Defense where he will continue to spread his message. 

Based on these discussions and the information that I uncovered, specifically from Major Coughlin, I found no evidence that there was a conspiracy to silence the messenger. I appreciate and was encouraged that people are concerned about this issue.  We must continue to investigate situations like Major Coughlin’s.  It is very important that we be vigilant, but we must also be sure the information we use is correct.   We need to pursue the truth.  We need to follow the facts.  We must not fall asleep at the wheel while our enemies seek to infiltrate and harm us.   

While I do not believe there was any foul play involved in this situation, I wish that more attention was given to Major Coughlin’s thesis.   The thesis, which supposedly caused this great stir, is titled “To Our Great Detriment: Ignoring What Extremists Say about Jihad”.  In it, Coughlin points out several issues.  He states we have not listened to our enemies; Osama Bin Laden and his ilk claim that they are acting in accordance with Islam.  Our military has not identified and analyzed our enemy’s stated doctrine; that they are acting in accordance with Islamic law.  And finally, if we are going to prosecute this war effectively, our military must fully analyze their claim.  Only then can they implement the proper strategy to defeat the radical Islamists long-term plan. The ideas and issues presented in his thesis are important.  We must understand our enemy. 

We must ask, “Is America Being Infiltrated?”    As Coughlin says in his thesis, our enemies freely admit their ideas and goals.  They have clearly stated their intention to infiltrate us, much like the Russians did during the Cold War.  We had no problem analyzing and acting on that information then. I know that some people will refuse to admit there is a subversive movement going on here, but let me remind you that we have underestimated the will and capability of our enemy for more than 30 years.  They are patient and determined to achieve their radical agenda.   

Anyone following this summer’s Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas, Texas knows this as fact.  Among the documents and recordings produced was “Government Exhibit 003-0085.”  This memorandum explains the “Civilization-Jihadist Process” strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.  In it, they describe their work in America as a path to “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within…so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions”. 

One clear point that emerges from this issue: Major Coughlin’s thesis must be read by everyone responsible for ensuring the safety of America.  If we fail to emerge victorious, our radical enemy threatens to establish fascist, Taliban-style governments in many parts of the world. These would be constructed around a system of rules so severe that women are forced to be second-class citizens- as in Taliban-era Afghanistan.  In such a society, I would be put to death for writing this piece.  In order to ensure that the ideals of our founders persist into the next generation, Americans must be willing to confront the enemy head-on—and be smart about it.   

Andrew G. Bostom is the author of The Legacy of Jihad (Prometheus, 2005) and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism " (Prometheus, November, 2008) You can contact Dr. Bostom at

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  1. Hmm, she lets Hesham Islam & his enabler Gordon England off the hook.

    Why is that? PC?

  2. These 2 need to be fired. But since Coughlin is back, I doubt this is the end of of the conflict.

  3. EI

    first they are observed, then they are encouraged to resign

    /searching for the pony

  4. Sue Myrick is fighting one battle at a time. This story hasn’t ended.

  5. I hope you’re right, omvi.

  6. Yes omvi makes an excellent point, discretion while investigation, I suspect there will be more down the line, hopefully evidence will warrant an arrest….sedition….treason….infiltration rather than a quiet resignation.

  7. Yes! Good news, but still hoping for better. Thank you Dr. Bostom for getting the word out on this nonsense.

  8. Oh we couldn’t fire Mr. Islam. Why we wouldn’t be politically correct and appeasing little US Government dhimmi’s. Plus it might piss off Citibank and Exxon and the Saudi’s might cut off the aid they are sending to our American universities and colleges. Then we couldn’t build footbaths and Muslim Learning Centers on our campuses.

  9. This is very good news, and while I hate being a nattering nabob of negativity, I cannot ignore the unpleasant thought that by assuring Rep. Myrick that the good Major will be staying on, the DoD avoided having to account for Hesham Islam’s presence, influence and, particularly, his statements regarding Major Coughlin.
    Rep. Myrick is to be commended, but here again, her statements afford little comfort. If the woman followed the Holy Land Foundation trial, she must be aware of the coconspirator list. She must also know that some groups on that list enjoy exceedingly “close” relationships with some of our intelligence, law enforcement and defense communities. Mightn’t that, and the subsequent steps taken by those agencies to smooth any ruffled Muslim feathers, suggest a possibility of infiltration?
    My God. We’re facing an enemy that turns the “mentally disabled” into walking bombs and no one in our government can bring themself to examine the above relationships for fear of offending someone?
    It’s like watching a train wreck.

  10. This is excellent news. I think, Andrew, that you are being — uncharacteristically — a little to quick to jump to conclusions.

    The only contentious thing Rep Myrick has said revolves around the manner in which Maj. Coughlin’s position was terminated. If, as she claims, her statement is plain and simply what Coughlin himself has said on the matter, we have to accept it. I sincerely doubt Maj. Coughlin could be easily deceived on this point. If it’s not, we will all know soon enough; her credibility hangs on this point. For now I’m prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    As for Rep. Myrick’s silence — it’s just that: silence. I would say she is being very wise. If she’s already been able to demonstrate that the antijihadist community has been too fast to jump to one conclusion she would be badly advised to put her weight behind related assertions until she has gotten the full story.

    She may or may not pursue Mr. Islam’s case, but I would bet on her doing so, and her statement here gives me confidence that she will chase down the facts and, that once she’s gotten to the bottom of it, she is unlikely to pull any punches just to be politically correct or to circle the wagons.

    Have patience, my dear doctor.

  11. For those who came in late, the Coughlin thesis may be accessed at:

    It is definitely a must-read, for the bankrupt “Current Approach” to the so-called “War on Terror” Coughlin so devastatingly debunks is the approach not only of the Department of Defense but of American society as a whole.

  12.' Hungarian Crusader

    This will not be the last story of its kind so how about we prepare for the next jihadisr move with a nation-wide petition to fight back?
    The next time an American is fired due to islamic pressures, mulitiple sites as this shold organize a petition drive in all 50 states.

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