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Diana West on “The New Blasphemy”

Simply put, Diana West is the most courageous and perspicacious journalist writing today on the dire, self-destructive synergy between  Western cultural relativism, and resurgent global jihadism. (Read her “The Death of the Grown-Up”.) In a journalistic world with its head … Continue reading

On Islamic Misogyny—Buried Alive?

Writing a century ago, the scholar, and former editor of Moslem World, Dr. Samuel Zwemer, turned a standard Muslim apologetic regarding Islam’s treatment of women, on its head. Zwemer made this cogent observation which merits wide dissemination as we witness … Continue reading

Military Support For Major Coughlin

In today’s (1/17/08)Washington Times, Letters to the Editor: “The military needs Maj. Stephen Coughlin”   I would like to address the comments of Capt. Gordan E. Van Hook regarding Maj. Stephen Coughlin’s employment with the U.S. military and the value of … Continue reading

Potential Congressional Hearings on Coughlin’s Firing?

Fred Lucas of Cybercast News Service reports today (1/16/08) that Rep. Sue Myrick (R-N.C.), co-chair of the bi-partisan House Anti-Terrorism Caucus is seeking to find out why Major Steve Coughlin (USAR)—the Pentagon’s lone expert on the nexus between Islamic Law … Continue reading

Saving Major Coughlin [Updated]

Click on the image to appreciate it! Update: The American Thinker has run this story today (1/15/08) as a feature article, lightly edited. Bill Gertz in his weekly “Inside the Ring” column (1/11/08) reported that “Pentagon and military leaders, along … Continue reading

Britain: “The process of ‘cleansing’ Muslim-majority areas of non-Muslims has already begun.”

From this story in The London Telegraph, 1/13/08:   David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said that the poll results showed a widespread feeling that the Government had failed. “This demonstrates that the Government’s actions, both to control immigration and … Continue reading

Judenrein Jordan’s Largest Political Party “Rejects Unequivocally” Bush’s Re-Affirmation of Israel as a Jewish State

From this story, (hat tip Jihad Watch) we learn that The Islamic Action Front—Jabhat al-‘Amal al-Islami, Arabic: جبهة العمل الإسلامي —founded in 1992, as the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, and the largest and most influential political … Continue reading

“Revival” of Koranic Research? [Revised]

From this article in today’s (1/12/08) Wall Street Journal, “The Lost Archive”, regarding a unique photo archive of ancient manuscript iterations of the Koran, which may provide critical evidence of the evolution of the Koranic text:  Ms. Neuwirth, a professor … Continue reading

Stephen Coughlin’s Treatise on Jihad Available Online

“To Our Great Detriment” Ignoring What Extremists Say About Jihad by Stephen C. Coughlin, Esq.   Published on July 2nd, 2007 From the Summary Introduction:   In comments made at the National Defense University on 1 December 2005, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of … Continue reading

Coughlin Agonistes—Hope Springs Eternal?

Bill Gertz in his weekly “Inside the Ring” column today (1/11/08) is reporting that “Pentagon and military leaders, along with lots of working-level officials, are quietly rallying” in support of Major Stephen Coughlin (USAR), whose plight I have discussed here. … Continue reading