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A Former Jihadist Validates Stephen Coughlin’s Thesis

The very courageous and forthright Dr. Tawfik Hamid has written a must read analysis in the Jerusalem Post, entitled “The development of a jihadist’s mind.” Although Dr. Hamid—a former member of the jihadist organization, al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (Jamaah Islamiyah)— faces overwhelming … Continue reading

Clarification of Islamic Law Support for Female Genital Mutilation, by Dr. Mark Durie

Indonesian toddler following her ritual FGM Dr. Mark Durie is the author, most recently of Revelation? Do We Worship the Same God?—Jesus, Holy, Spirit, God in Christianity and Islam, 2006. His cogent analysis, “Isa, the Muslim Jesus,” is available online, … Continue reading

Female Genital Mutilation Violates the Principle of Nonmaleficence

Update on this blog.  One reader’s comment (which I have deleted because of basic, gross medical/surgical inaccuracies I will not share, or in any way validate) emphasized the “ritualistic” aspects of the more limited type (type 1) of FGM (Female … Continue reading

Nidra Poller—“It’s not too late to bomb Auschwitz”

“It’s not too late to bomb Auschwitz” was published in Hebrew translation in Makor Rishon on January 18th. It is my great privilege to reproduce it here, in English, with the author’s permission. Paris, January 16,  2008 Nidra Poller President … Continue reading

Indecent Proposal—“We want to offer Shari’a law to Britain”

This revealing (and terrifying) article from the London Telegraph (1/19/08) demonstrates the steadily growing employment of Islamic (Shari’a) Law in Britain’s semi-autonomous Muslim enclaves. But more importantly, it becomes clear that the “more limited” goal  of applying Sharia only to … Continue reading

Clitoral Relativism—Female Genital Mutilation in “Tolerant” Islamic Indonesia

An August 1993 report in the British Medical Journal (abstracted here) on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) stated plainly, in its summary conclusions:  Female genital mutilation, also misleadingly known as female circumcision, is usually performed on girls ranging in from 1 … Continue reading

Ashura Lura, Lura, That’s a Shi’ite Lullaby

A Scene from Our Liberated Iraqi Ally

Tendentious Marc Cohen OK, Bat Ye’or Not OK?

At Dhimmi Watch, the indispensable Robert Spencer—venturing bravely where the Jerusalem Post dared not tread—has posted Bat Ye’or’s rebuttal to the latest corrosive drivel by Princeton’s Marc Cohen.  Prof. Cohen—fresh from a sojourn to Ramallah—uses his pseudo-academics (rather transparently) for … Continue reading

“Throwing Sand in the Eyes of Decision Makers” Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England talks with Navy Chaplain Abuhena Saifulislam, [note: Saifulislam means, “Sword of Islam”, hence Chaplain Sword of Islam! ], left, and Marine Commandant Michael Hagee, right, after the dedication of the Islamic Prayer Center … Continue reading

Convergent “Myths” on Coughlin’s Firing?

FrontPage published an updated version of my essay “Saving Major Coughlin” today (1/18/08), which includes my discussion about possible Congressional hearings on his firing.  Bill Gertz’s dogged investigative reporting on this critically important story continues today at “Inside the … Continue reading