Hey Fox News: Like Muhammad, ISIS Calls Jewess Pamela Geller “Khanzeer” (Pig), and Threatens To “Slaughter Her”

“From Muhammad, via the Koran, across space and time, as promulgated today by Sunni Islam’s 1000-year old leading teaching institution, Al-Azhar, and ISIS, alike, Jews as apes/pigs is a “sacralized” theme repeated to incite their slaughter en masse, or as … Continue reading

Educating CNN and Fox News About Pamela Geller and the Sharia Assault on Free Speech in Garland, Texas

Today we are getting confirmation (here; here) of potential direct ISIS involvement in the jihad terror attack on a Garland, TX free speech gathering, Sunday May 3, 2015. Mercifully, the jihadist assault-weapons wielding attackers were slain by an intrepid handgun-wielding … Continue reading

Wilders and Sharia Versus Freedom of Speech on Capitol Hill

“Crude, risible pretenses about their ostensible support for the “bedrock principle” of free speech—a uniquely Western ideal—notwithstanding, the effort by Congressmen Ellison and Carson is designed to enforce antithetical Sharia-based restrictions on rational criticism of Islamic dogma, and the obvious … Continue reading

Supplying Uranium to Russian “Allies”: From FDR to The Clintons

Building upon Peter Schweizer’s research from his forthcoming book Clinton Cash, with their own investigations, Thursday, April 23, 2015, New York Times reporters Jo Becker and Mike McIntire published a bombshell exposé, “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium … Continue reading

From the Armenian Jihad Genocide, to The Holocaust, and Islamophile Adolph Hitler’s Jihad Against The Jews

The German officers would often speak of us as Christian Jews and as blood sucking usurers of the Turkish people. What a falsification of the wretched realities prevailing in Asia Minor, and what a reversal of roles! Yes indeed, there … Continue reading

“Lessons from the Armenian Genocide”: My 4/24/15 Interview With Frank Gaffney

The mp3 file version of the interview is here. I was interviewed by national security analyst par excellence, Frank Gaffney, on the “Lessons From the Armenian Genocide” yesterday, April 24, 2015, the 100th commemoration date of this Jihad Genocide. The … Continue reading