Egyptian Conscientious Objector to Islam: IS/Boko Haram follow Islam’s prophet Muhammad, Koran 47:4, 9:29

He had a conscience, so he forsook Islam—i.e., he was a “conscientious objector to Islam”—a term that should be in widespread usage, instead of “Muslim apostate.” The pious Al-Azhar cleric (and Fatwa Committee member) he “debated,” on the other hand, … Continue reading

My discussion with Tom Trento about why Israel needs to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities now

My discussion with Tom Trento about why Israel needs to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities NOW during the window of opportunity created by the 7-month extension of the dangerously de-stabilizing “P5 + 1” negotiations, and the current absence of any binding … Continue reading

11/26/14 Updated Edition of My Book Iran’s Final Solution for Israel Now Available at

The November 26, 2014 updated edition of Iran’s Final Solution for Israel is now available at In “Iran’s Final Solution for Israel,” Andrew G. Bostom, M.D., M.S., analyzes the living, half-millennial legacy of Shi’ite Iranian jihadism and Islamic Jew-hatred. … Continue reading

Updated Author’s Preface to “Iran’s Final Solution For Israel”

This past March, 2014, I released my book Iran’s Final Solution For Israel—The Legacy of Jihad and Shi’ite Islamic Jew Hatred in Iran. Reviews of the book have appeared at Breitbart, Pajamas Media, The American Thinker, and the Canadian magazine … Continue reading

Proclamation of Thanksgiving, From October 3, 1863

Mother and son peel potatoes for Thanksgiving, 1945. Painting by Norman Rockwell Per the Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy P. Basler et al, Volume 6., p. 497, and an accompanying footnote, we learn: DS, DNA FS RG … Continue reading

Israel Must Delay Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program Jihad With A Targeted Military Strike, Now

One year after the much ballyhooed, yet dangerously de-stabilizing so-called P5 +1 Iranian nuclear weapons negotiations were announced, it was declared today, Monday November 24, 2014 that no final deal could be sealed. New interim (March 1, 2015) and final … Continue reading