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My 3/27/15 PJ Media Essay: Destroy Iran’s Nuke Facilities. Don’t Wait For Musical Chairs “Regime Change”

KEY EXTRACTS below; Read the full piece HERE. I share the legitimate concerns of center-right critics over the gravely delusive and dangerous concessions the Obama Administration appears hell-bent to agree upon in its nuclear negotiations with Iran: giving an international … Continue reading

Obama Nukes Deal “Partner” Ayatollah Khamenei/Sanaa Homicide Bombing Prove The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy

Iran’s Supreme Leader, theocrat Ayatollah Khamenei, deemed, appropriately, the third most influential contemporary Muslim eminence worldwide, by the mainstream, moderate Royal Jordanian Aal-al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought, during a speech delivered March 12, 2015 reiterated Iran’s conquering, totalitarian Islamic worldview. … Continue reading

Khamenei, Allah, and Totalitarian Islam

“Ayatollah Khamenei’s March 12, 2015 speech should serve as confirmation of mid-19th century Western scholarly characterizations of Islam as an aggressive, bellicose, Allah-inspired despotism, or in the parlance of 20th century scholars, totalitarianism, akin to Communism. Hope springs eternal that … Continue reading

My 3/18/15 Discussion with Sam Sorbo of the Dangerous, Mindslaughtered Premises of the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations

Sam Sorbo was gracious enough to discuss my recent arguments about the Iranian nuclear “negotiations” in book, and essay formats (the latter here, here, here, here, and here). Our current Obama Administration policies, in short, mimicking Soviet era failures, are delusive, … Continue reading

Mindslaughtered U.S. Arms Control Negotiations: From Soviet Communists to Iranian Shiite Jihadists

My essay on the developments since last week’s Tom Cotton/GOP 47 letter to Iran’s leaders, was published at PJ Media, under the title,“Mindslaughtered”: U.S. Arms Negotiations From Communists to Jihadists. Please read the full essay, but key extracts are included, … Continue reading

M. Stanton Evans, RIP: Peerless McCarthy Scholar, Wit, and Witty Eviscerator of the Witless Pseudo-Academic Ron Radosh

My colleague Diana West has written a series of remembrances (here; here; here; and here) of her late mentor, M. Stanton Evans (d. March 3, 2015), peerless scholar of Senator Joseph McCarthy, champion of Western freedom, keen wit, and consummate, … Continue reading