Heshie to Get the “Heave Ho,” But Coughlin’s New DOD Appointment in Jeopardy?


 If Heshie is fired, but Major Coughlin doesn’t get his new post, that would be like Dennis Awtrey picking a fight with Kareem Abdul Jabbar to get them both thrown out of a National Basketball Association game.  

According to this World Net Daily report (2/11/08), Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England’s Muslim Dragoman Heshie Islam appears to be getting the gate, but is Major Coughlin’s erstwhile new appointment within DOD also in jeopardy—the latter due to the machinations of Eric S. Edelman, undersecretary of defense for policy ?

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2 responses to “Heshie to Get the “Heave Ho,” But Coughlin’s New DOD Appointment in Jeopardy?

  1. Where’s this coming from?
    Got links or any references to this, or is it just speculation?
    Just askin here.

  2. Claudia Rossett reports today that when she called Gordon England’s office to get a confirmation on the reportedly impending departure of Hesham Islam, she was told that such is not in the cards.