Art Pepper, “Red Car,” Art Pepper – alto sax; George Cables – piano; David Williams – bass; Elvin Jones – drums, 1977

Jihad Denial 14-Years After 9/11: My Sam Sorbo Interview on the Iran Nuke Deal and the Existential Peril Jihad Denial Has Fostered

A review of my blogs posted 9/11/14 and 9/11/13, juxtaposed to the shocking bipartisan capitulation on the Iranian nuclear negotiations fiasco, underscores a tragic depressing, reality: 14 years of abject jihad denial, punctuated by the morally bereft, bipartisan failure of … Continue reading

Charlie Rouse, “Meci Bon Dieu” From Bossa Nova Bacchanal

Why Khamenei’s Mainstream, Islamic/Koranic Rationale for Israel’s Destruction Ain’t the “Brezhnev Doctrine”

My PJ Media essay today (Monday, 8/24/15) rivets on Ayatollah Khamenei’s recently released 414 pp. Antisemitic screed entitled “Palestine.” Contra a recent willfully uninformed “conservative Iran expert’s” assessment that Khamenei’s tract—a collection of speeches dating back 25-years, through the present—somehow … Continue reading

What’s Needed: From The Crusaders “The Second Crusade” Album: “Don’t Let It Get You Down”

The Troggs “Love Is All Around”

Nora Jones Covers Tom Waits’ “Long Way Home”

Summer/Early Fall Hiatus, Overview of 2015-16 Projects on Koranic Jew-Hatred and U.S. Reactions to the 1876 “Bulgarian Horrors”

  Postings will remain light through the remainder of the summer, and into the early fall. During this period I will be dedicated to revitalized clinical medical research organization, and writing commitments. Two non-medical writing projects are also underway which … Continue reading

The Iran Nuke Deal and Why It Is a BIPARTISAN FIASCO, Discussed With Sam Sorbo

Years of feckless, bipartisan U.S. policy failures vis-à-vis Iran have now culminated in the dangerous, destabilizing agreement relentlessly pursued by the Obama Administration, and announced earlier today, Tuesday, July 15, 2015. This travesty of a “deal”—fully abetted by the Corker-Cardin … Continue reading

Rafsanjani, Iran’s Alleged Longstanding “Moderate” Voice: “Alien” Israel “Will be Wiped Off the Map.”

Long touted as an Iranian leadership voice of pragmatism, and even “moderation,” former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, now head of the country’s Expediency Discernment Council, is an enduring friend of current “moderate” President Rouhani. Yesterday, (Monday, July 6, 2015), Mr. … Continue reading