My Sam Sorbo Interview Corrective to Orwellian Fox News Coverage of Russian Bombing of JIHADISTS in the Syrian Morass

I discussed the Syrian morass with Sam Sorbo referencing a long, extensively researched and referenced piece written for PJ Media in December, 2012—whose basic findings remain valid, reflecting unchanged dynamics over not only the past almost 4-years, but indeed since … Continue reading

Art Pepper, “Red Car,” Art Pepper – alto sax; George Cables – piano; David Williams – bass; Elvin Jones – drums, 1977

Jihad Denial 14-Years After 9/11: My Sam Sorbo Interview on the Iran Nuke Deal and the Existential Peril Jihad Denial Has Fostered

A review of my blogs posted 9/11/14 and 9/11/13, juxtaposed to the shocking bipartisan capitulation on the Iranian nuclear negotiations fiasco, underscores a tragic depressing, reality: 14 years of abject jihad denial, punctuated by the morally bereft, bipartisan failure of … Continue reading

Charlie Rouse, “Meci Bon Dieu” From Bossa Nova Bacchanal

Why Khamenei’s Mainstream, Islamic/Koranic Rationale for Israel’s Destruction Ain’t the “Brezhnev Doctrine”

My PJ Media essay today (Monday, 8/24/15) rivets on Ayatollah Khamenei’s recently released 414 pp. Antisemitic screed entitled “Palestine.” Contra a recent willfully uninformed “conservative Iran expert’s” assessment that Khamenei’s tract—a collection of speeches dating back 25-years, through the present—somehow … Continue reading

What’s Needed: From The Crusaders “The Second Crusade” Album: “Don’t Let It Get You Down”

The Troggs “Love Is All Around”

Nora Jones Covers Tom Waits’ “Long Way Home”

Summer/Early Fall Hiatus, Overview of 2015-16 Projects on Koranic Jew-Hatred and U.S. Reactions to the 1876 “Bulgarian Horrors”

  Postings will remain light through the remainder of the summer, and into the early fall. During this period I will be dedicated to revitalized clinical medical research organization, and writing commitments. Two non-medical writing projects are also underway which … Continue reading

The Iran Nuke Deal and Why It Is a BIPARTISAN FIASCO, Discussed With Sam Sorbo

Years of feckless, bipartisan U.S. policy failures vis-à-vis Iran have now culminated in the dangerous, destabilizing agreement relentlessly pursued by the Obama Administration, and announced earlier today, Tuesday, July 15, 2015. This travesty of a “deal”—fully abetted by the Corker-Cardin … Continue reading