Pray for “Castle Builder,” and Great Soviet Dissident Vladimir Bukovsky

Many thanks to my dear friend, author Diana West (here; here), and journalist Clare Berlinski (here; here) for alerting us to the current plight of great Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky now fighting the rank, predatory hypocrisy of the so-called British … Continue reading

VIDEO & Text: “Islam and the ‘Sexual Ethics’ of Jihad Slavery”

Video and text of a speech delivered Friday, January 29, 2016 at The Education Policy Conference, St. Louis, MO (Text published below, and at Breitbart News as ‘There is No God and Karl Marx is His Prophet’: The Links Between … Continue reading

Ted Cruz Versus Donald Trump on Islam: A Discussion With Audrey Russo

In the wake of the Brussels jihad carnage, Audrey Russo and I discussed the divergent views on Islam of GOP POTUS candidates Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. Much of this material was covered in depth in two recent PJ Media … Continue reading

Brussels, Wilders, and Burckhardt on Islam’s “Fanaticism,” “Despotism” and “Periodical Renewal of the Holy War (Jihad)”

Yesterday (3/22/16) we witnessed the latest acts of the ongoing jihad carnage in Europe as Brussels homicide bomber brothers Khalid and Ibrahim El-Bakraoui murdered at least 34 and injured some 250 others by exploding themselves amongst crowds of innocents in … Continue reading

Islamo-Ignoramus Kerry on the Syria Negotiations: “a hudna is possible over the course of these next hrs”

Islamo-Ignoramus Secretary of State John  Kerry pronounced the following on the Syria negotiations: “a hudna is possible over the course of these next hrs” Pace Kerry’s blathering stupidity, a compelling illustration of how well the U.S. Department of State once … Continue reading

WMD or “Democratization”? Bush II and the Iraq Invasion

Rancor unleashed by Donald Trump’s allegations during Saturday night’s 2/13/16 South Carolina GOP primary debate has completely obfuscated sober re-assessment of the overriding motivation for the Bush II administration’s March, 2003 invasion of Iraq. I maintain that dispassionate analysis reveals … Continue reading

How Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Abandoned Their “Advice and Consent” Responsibility and Abetted The Dangerous Iran Nuke Deal

Audio discussion of my 2/4/16 at WorldNet Daily essay with Audrey Russo 2/9/16 [first 18 minutes) of interview: Published 2/4/16 at WorldNet Daily as: “Cruz, Rubio, Paul: All abandoned ‘advice and consent’” (on dangerous Iran nuke deal) By voting … Continue reading

Islam and the “Sexual Ethics” of Jihad Slavery

Published at Breitbart News as ‘There is No God and Karl Marx is His Prophet’: The Links Between Communism, Islam, and Slavery Sociologist Jules Monnerot’s 1949 book, “Sociology of Communism,” made very explicit connections between Islamic and 20th-century Communist totalitarianism. … Continue reading

Links to My Recent Pajamas Media and Breitbart News Essays, and Breitbart Daily News Interviews, 12/23/15-1/12/16 A Muslim Yellow Badge of Moral Cretinism: Denying Islam’s ~1100 Year Legacy & Expropriating The Holocaust (Dec. 23, 2015) Islam and the Global Epidemic of Muslim Jew-Hatred Muhammad’s Example Shapes Islamic State Ruling on Female Sex Slavery … Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh’s Christmas Message on Islam, “[A] Conquest Ideology. Not Even a Religion”

Tuesday, December 22, talk show host Rush Limbaugh dispensed with the usual craven, cultural relativist obfuscations employed across the political spectrum which insist upon qualifiers such as “radical Islam,” or “Islamism.” Just before parting for the holidays, with bold Christmas … Continue reading